I started out working in traditional mediums. While attending the California Institute of Art, my world was expanded beyond painting. I worked with many types of paints, glass, clay, found objects and fiber. In 1990 I was given the opportunity to work with scanners and computers. My "Stories" began being created on the computer with an assemblage of collected materials including family relics, love letters, dead roses and more.  After a three day international art colony experience at Bald head Island, 2002, where I painted three "analog" paintings, with stories, I realized the next path was to merge painting and computer in a more organic form than I could achieve from just the computer. These new pieces represent what I have been working toward for over 40 years. Unlike my previous work which would be similar in size, material and subject matter, I have taken a much broader approach to this work with my heart, my thought patterns and my palette.

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