Being a creative requires being somewhat fearless. Unafraid to make something new and so different no one understands what it is. I have tried to build my process and materials on what I have learned and explored over the decades. Starting with pencil and charcoal, progressing to paint (oil, acrylic and watercolor), pushing boundaries with digital, being playful with collage and exploring depth with glazes. Add to that the experience of working with glass and ceramics (not together…yet) and the dynamics of creativity become logarithmic. Arthur Turner, Alfred G Glassel Museum School, Houston 1979-, implored us to work in as many media as possible and multiple mediums at a time  to keep the creative juices flowing. My professors at California Institute of the Arts, (1977-79) were concerned if not convinced painting was dead and everything that could be done had been done. I set out to prove them wrong. They relented my second semester. I think as we age our art can get more layered to reflect the accumulation of experiences.
“I am passionate about the planet, especially the wet parts. I am a licensed captain, and have spent my life on and around the water. I live on a boat and sail as often as possible and race some. I have a profound respect for water and wind. Sailing can be a serene experience, at one with the sky and the sea and a great way to escape the stresses of a land based existence. But, it can also be a very intense experience whether racing – trying to get the most out of the elements to win, or trying to survive a storm of wind and waves all against you. The moving water, the colors of water and sky and the purity of sailing captivate my imagina­tion."


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